Who We Are?

El Hussein started as a humble reading house in Abu El Metamer in 80th. Ince then, the company has diversified its operations into the trading of pulses, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. El Hussein is a family business started from generation to another. With its innate belief in becoming “One of the top producers &Exporters in Egypt “El Hussein justified its name by becoming the preferred trading house and partner for scores of international suppliers and customers, by gaining their trust and confidence over the last decades.



Herbs and Spices


This was attained by remaining humble to market volatilities and changing rends, hence ensuring that we remain “small” enough to be customer oriented, yet are “large” enough to stay competitive and provide security to our customers suppliers and employees.

Currently, El Hussein sensed the need to elevate its business platform, and commit to quality by further developing and integrating its supply chain, as an advanced processing facility dedicated for the splitting and grading of pulses, grain, fresh fruits and vegetables.

El Hussein Crops

Our Missions

Our mission is to provide effective services and solutions to the pulses and grain sector by processing and marketing high quality produce by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in our systems, product range and brands to guarantee customer satisfaction, we remain passionate about serving our clients, committed to operational excellence and dedicated to sustainable growth.

Our Values

We believe that our suppliers and customers are our partners and make every effort to meet their requirements and demands, hence taking pride in being dependable and reliable. We understand that our product is a small link n a long chain of preparation that ends as a meal on a table and therefore give our utmost to make sure that our link is the strongest in that chain.