Broad beans.

Broad beans or FUL, madams is a common staple food in the Egyptian diet. The cooked and mashed beans are mixed with flax seed oil, salt, garlic and cumin are traditionally eaten with baladi flat bread. Beans are also used in making falafels or Tamaya. Beans are considered a good “stomach filling” breakfast, which is enjoyed by all Egyptians. Vendors selling full, Tamaya and other breakfast items are a common sight all around Egypt in the early morning hours.
Beans are full of protein and energy. Beans also have healthy benefiting antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and plant-sterols. In addition, beans are a very rich source of dietary fiber which provides 66% per 100 grams of the recommended dietary allowance, which helps in preventing conception we clear, grade, color sort and hand pick the beans for street vendors as well as canning factories. We have the ability to procure, process and store the finished goods in cold storage to ensure the color of the beans remains preserved all through the year.

1 Origin Egypt
2 Cultivation Common
3 Quality HPS/ Color Sortex Cleaned
4 Type Dried
5 Color Light Brown
6 Size 50-60/60-70 Grains/100G
7 Moisture 14%
8 Purity 99% Minimum
9 Admixture 0.5% Maximum
10 Imperfect Seeds 0.5% Maximum
11 Packing 25/50 KG Polypropylene Bags
12 Shelf Life 2 years
13 Container Capacity 20-23 MT/ 20FCL